Walkathon 2022

What is the Walkathon?

Mistral PTA Walkathon is our community’s biggest fundraising event of the year. All proceeds from this joint PTA-sponsored event go directly towards student field-trips, school library books, school gardens and other classroom enrichment programs for both of our schools. Individual student pledges will be allocated to each student. We hope this shared community fundraiser will be an opportunity for everyone to gather and enjoy the afternoon while supporting our school.

A little more about our Walkathon (WAT)… Students are encouraged to raise money by collecting pledges from friends and family for walking laps around the school field. Students can collect cash or check using our paper sponsor form or online by sharing their custom web page . More information on both options below.  At the Mistral WAT students are able to make a concrete contribution to the school while having fun by being active and building community.

  • Event date: Friday, November 4, 2022 – 12:15pm
  • We need the entire Mistral community to make it a success!
  • Lots of ways to help: volunteering or donating.

To put on this wonderful community event, we need an army of volunteers. Here are the teams that come together: Food, Field Logistics, Volunteer Recruiting, Lap Prizes, T-shirts, Lap Monitors,etc. Details about how to help out are posted on Konstella.


Sign your child’s permission form online – a must for your child to participate!  Walkathon – Permissions English


99Pledges is our online WAT pledge system, which will allow Mistral students to request and collect pledges from friends and family who would like to donate online with a credit card or PayPal.  Each student can create a custom web page to share with potential donors via email or social media.  Donors simply click the child’s unique web page and make a pledge in a few easy steps.  Parents and kids can monitor progress toward their fundraising goals and easily send thank-you emails from the site. Go to 99pledges now!

This is a free online platform that allows your family to take full advantage of web and social media to make our Mistral Walkathon fundraiser more successful. Allowing for online donations can greatly increase the range your student has to ask for and accept donations!

How to register on 99Pledges:

  1. Go to this link – https://app.99pledges.com/fund/mistral2022/addme
  2. Enter your child’s name, enter your email(s), and select child’s class 
  3. Click “Add” > this will take you to your newly created pledge page. 
  4. Share your personal fundraising page with friends and family! 

Donation process:

When your friends and family open the link to your student’s donation page they will be able to make a secure online donation in your student’s name using a credit card.  Your student will be given immediate email notification of the donation and credit for the donation.  You can even send a thank you email right from your 99pledges page! Donations may be collected all the way through December! No personal student information will be on the pledge pages.  No photos and no last names! Donation pages are only visible to whomever you send your Mistral Pledge link to.

Walkathon T-shirts 

Walkathon T-shirts will be distributed in the student’s  classroom the morning of the walkathon. Did you donate $10 for your child’s t-shirt? If not, do so now! $10 WAT T-shirt Donation

Green WAT sponsor forms:

Those students who wish to use the hard-copy green sponsor form may absolutely do so!  Students may also submit a combination of online donations with the green sponsor form (remember to include checks and cash) to the Mistral office.  Extra forms are in the Mistral office.

99pledges FAQ:

Do donors need to log into Google or have a 99pledges account?
No.  Donors simply click the link that you share with them to be guided through a few simple screens to make a payment.

We can’t find our 99pledges URL to share.  What do we do?
Simply log in to My 99pledges and click the Share button to see your URL again.

I think I’ve found a “technical bug” in Mistral 99pldge.  What should I do?
Please report it by clicking on the green Help button on the bottom-right side of any 99pledges page.

How do I delete my child’s page?
If donations have been made to your child’s page, then we cannot delete the page until all accounting for the Walkathon is complete.  After that time, our 99pledges administrators will delete the page.  If no donations have come in from that page when you request to delete it, the 99pledges administrator can delete the page immediately.  

When will my credit card be charged?
Donors will be charged right away.  Funds will be available to Mistral to use within 3 days of donating!

Where can I find the link to my child’s page?
You will receive an email with the information.  Another way is to copy the link in the address bar after you’ve added your child to 99Pledges and have been directed to their personal page. The link is also located under the social media logos. 

Do sponsors need to leave a tip when they make a pledge? 
NO. 99Pledges makes it look like you have to leave a tip. You DO NOT. When making a donation, please choose “Other” and manually enter .0 and no tip will be added.