Class List Posting

This event which takes place the week before classes start is a “must” for all Mistral families. Classroom lists are usually posted by 3:00 pm. You can fill out out your forms and make your donation online right now!

At the posting event, parents get to see which classroom their child has been assigned for the year, connect with classmates, sign up for PTA, classroom volunteer opportunities and more. At the event you can also make your annual PTA and MVEF donations.

We take the guesswork out of what to buy for your child’s school bag or backpack. Instead of purchasing supplies individually, the teachers will purchase everything the students will need for their class. We ask all parents for a (tax deductible) donation to cover the cost of school supplies.

You can skip the lines at Class Posting by donating online with credit card or Paypal through the ASP portal.  Simply login at:
If you would like to donate by cash or check at the event, you will need to fill out a green donation form and bring it to class posting or the school office.